A meditation: Noble pine

In a series of brief meditations, Toledo author and psychotherapist Kevin Anderson finds extraordinary wisdom hidden in the ordinary happenings of “Noble Nature” — in rocks and trees, shooting stars and seashores, blizzards and bees, and in a wide assortment of other natural amazements.

BLOG: I never understood the attack on secular music

I do not know how the fact that James Taylor has some sort of “flaw” in his character makes “Fire and Rain” a bad song. I don’t care if Elton John is gay and I don’t see how that affects “Tiny Dancer.” In fact I don’t see how it affects me at all.

ANALYSIS: Was Pope Benedict XVI right about Islam?

Now, with the Islamic State on the march in the Middle East, leaving a trail of horrifying brutality and bloodshed that has shocked the world, some of Pope Benedict’s allies on the Catholic right are saying, in effect, “He told you so.”