The Persecution of Bahá’is in Iran: Foundations from the Past

These seven citizens of Iran are in prison for one simple reason: They were appointed by the Bahá’is in Iran to take care of administrative affairs within the nation’s Bahá’í community. Their cases are just the tip of that old proverbial iceberg of systematic persecution in Iran. But why is Iran trying to eradicate all traces of the Bahá’í Faith in that country?

The biggest change

In a brief clip released from the two-hour Diane Sawyer interview for ABC this week, Bruce Jenner states, “I want to know how this story ends. Ya know, how does my story end?” I personally am wondering, how this story of ministry will begin.

BLOG: Wise words from Uncle Bob

Some of the best advice I ever got was from my Uncle Bob: “Read all you can about successful people. Learn everything you can about them. Learn what made them successful. It does not matter what they were successful doing, you can learn just as much from Al Capone as you can from Winston Churchill.” […]