Evangelicals back carbon-reduction plan

(RNS) More than 170 evangelical leaders have sent President Obama a letter backing a Clean Power Plan that will reduce carbon dioxide emissions from coal-burning power plants. The plan, which is expected to be released Monday (Aug. 3), aims to cut carbon pollution by 30 percent from 2005 levels. Coal industry leaders have said the plan […]

2015: One big ‘Ball of Confusion’

The church has struggled to be culturally relevant and cool for a few decades. It has not worked. Oh, it may look like it has. But it has not. Culture has impacted us way more than we are impacting culture.

Bahá’í temples: ‘Symbols of the divine uniting force’

Buildings do not make a religion, but they are important for community-building, as symbols of the devotion of humanity for our God, and as a sacred place to commune with the Omniscient. The world community of Bahá’is, some six million of us, currently have seven Houses of Worship, with one under construction and two more in planning stages

BLOG: Statues in the park

Over the last 50 years or so my dreams have changed. Instead of caring about some dumb old green statue on a pedestal, I now dream of leaving the world a little better than how I found it. I think that is all God really wants from any of us

A Devotional: In unrelenting storms

It does not matter how long you may have faced the storm you are currently caught up in, things can change in an instant with the Word of God and trust in him. Speak the Word of God over your unrelenting storm and expect that tomorrow will be better than today, not worse.