The Noel Project, scheduled for 10 a.m. Dec. 15 at the SeaGate Convention Center, is planning to help more than 500 needy families have a memorable Christmas. Since its founding 30 years ago by Rev. Tony Scott, senior pastor of the Church on Strayer, the Noel Project has helped more than 10,000 families with annual giveaways of food, toys, clothing, bicycles and more.

“With the economic downturn and the unemployment rate higher than ever, many people throughout this city are facing a greater need this Christmas season,” Scott said. “We as the church are commanded by Christ to help, and that is what we are doing.  At the Church we are about demonstrating our Christian faith in our community.”

500 needy families in the Toledo area will receive food, toys, clothing and one bicycle per family when the Noel Project holds its annual giveaway on Dec. 15.

500 needy families in the Toledo area will receive food, toys, clothing and one bicycle per family when the Noel Project holds its annual giveaway on Dec. 15.

The annual project is sponsored by the Church on Strayer and United Way 2-1-1.

“We partner with The Noel Project because they are doing a great work,” said Michelle Davis, Executive Director of United Way Community Outreach Services. “Also, because of the work we do with the Salvation Army, we are able to help prevent duplicate assistance to ensure every family gets the assistance they need.”


The Noel Project provides the following per sponsored family:

• A  food box that includes the basic supplies to prepare a Christmas Dinner, including a turkey.
• New unwrapped toys for children 12 and under.
• One children’s bike per family
• Winter Clothing  for Adults & Children (coats, scarves, hats, gloves)

Tax-deductible donations will be accepted until 5 p.m. Wednesday (Dec. 12). Tto support to The Noel Project's purchase of food, winter coats, hats and gloves, bikes and toys, call the Church on Strayer at 419-866-2094, or visit the website at The Noel Project.


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  1. G. Pradeep Kumar

    Dear One in Christ,

    We greet you in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ !

    I, Pradeep Kumar have been Pastor to INRI Church. I have accepted Jesus in 1998 and I have been graduated M. Div from Calcutta Bible College of Kolkata in the year 2005. Then I worked as a bible college teacher for three years at Bangalore but left as the Lord spoke to me for Pastoral ministry. Now doing fulltime pastoral ministry and evangelism ministry with the name INRI (Intercessory Network for Revival in India) Ministries and started Church 2009 with five believers at Sainikpuri of Secunderabad, which are about 80 at present.

    We started our Church in 2009 with five believers and later our congregation became 70, among whom 40 were baptized. We are serving both Christians and non-Christians.

    God has shown his mercy and grace to serve Orphans, Support and equip the Pastors, Outreach Evangelism and Spiritual Training for Youth, and also conducting C.C-Clubs (Children for Christ-Club) to extend the Lord’s Kingdom.

    Conducting awareness Programs in our community on Child labor, Health awareness Programs on HIV/AIDS, Pulse Polio and Nutritional programs for Vulnerable Children.

    Skills Training for unemployed youth and adults by encouraging them to send Vocational Training centers on Computer Hard ware and Electrician, carpentry, and Driving and even taking Tuitions.

    We have poor Communities with lack of Resources like Health, Education, Hygiene, employment and Malnourished Children. So, we are supporting our Community Children for their educational needs, Health problems and moving towards behavioral changes of the Children and their Parents with counseling and Awareness Programs through our Church.

    We are conducting Educational development classes regularly at evening times. Here we encourage the Children to get good marks, taking special interest of the Children who are poor in studies. Also change their behavior, teach them manners, and visit their School staff to help completing their course with more efforts.

    So, we are serving Children to develop in all the aspects, but we are not fulfilling all needs due to lack of finance. We need support to serve Children better. We hope our Church to become Center of Christ to increase believers in all areas through the activities of our Projects by showing the love of our Lord everybody in the areas & Communities where we are serving.

    We motivate the people to become a skilled labor to survive their families to meet their needs and for their sustainability. Many parents die at an early age because of various reasons, as:

    Several of the parent’s works in road constructions were killed in accidents or by accidents. Alcohol abuse is widespread — many people drink local alcohol after the hard day of work. Because of this abuse, many people die at their earliest from alcohol-related diseases. Tuberculosis, diabetes and kidney failure are common diseases found among the poor communities of India. Suicide is also a common phenomenon because of poverty, unemployment, frustration and mental disorders. Many mothers have neither proper social ties nor social standing, so they abandon their children in hospitals, train yards and market places to die or be picked up by someone else.

    Thanking You

    Yours in Christ

    Pastor G. Pradeep Kumar
    INRI Ministries
    Sainikpuri, Secunderabad,
    Andhra Pradesh, South India
    Pin Code – 524 004
    Email ID:
    Mobile: 8106935956 & 9052357131

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