1. Chuck childers

    Much Of this is a people problem . Wood county commish Tim brown recently quoted a local employer . He said he interviews prospective employees , offers them 40-50 k job with full bennies . When he tells them it s a night job , they turn around Nd go to welfare office . I see this too. Guy I rent to says he won’t take job he doesn’t like . Guy moved in next door . I offered him ride up and down Glendale / Reynolds rds , many help wanted signs out there . He said no. $250-300/ week is money to start with . Talk with small business owner as I am . It s not easy to find folk who will show up to work

  2. Excellent reminder, Josie, the Christian communities have many good mentors to guide them in what is needed in the economy. Let’s spread those Gospel messages.

  3. KJ Davidson-Bond

    Beautifully written. St. Augustine also wrote that humans have inaliable rights to food and shelter. The Roman bishops in the USA have been vocal, in some dioceses, about endorsing Romney for reasons that most of the faithful find repressive and overstepping the boundaries of their job description. That is incredibly sad, given the true tenets of the Church.

  4. Keith Koppenhofer

    Well researched and presented, Josie. God has created us to live in community, that is what “partnership” in the creation narratives is all about. We ARE our “brother’s keeper”; it is the greatest aspect of what sets us apart as “holy” to the Lord our God; it is central to the understanding of what it means to be in the “image of God”. Whether we are a family or a community, a small business or a large business, a service industry or a goods industry, whether we are a church, a school, or a health care provider, our first responsibility is to the “partnership” into which God has birthed us. In this truth is revealed the Divine Spirit that indwells humanity.

  5. seibertcraig@hotmail.com

    I’ve Googled poverty in Toledo and found that 25% of our people live at or below the poverty level .
    I’ve personally known of some people who work three low paying jobs to make enough to live on . Forget about family time . And education has been thought to reduce poverty through finding better paying jobs but there is a huge disparity between rich and poor school districts in availability and quality of education .
    When Jesus said the poor will always be with us , was he talking about 25% of Toledoians ? I have a friend who is truly disabled who gets just 20$ a month in food stamps for her family of three . Is this the poor living well off the American work force ?
    I’ve called support for my computer on the other hand and talked to someone in India or the Philippines . And just try to find and buy products made in America that have a reasonable price tag . It is VERY difficult for our youth to find any job in our current market no matter how motivated they are . 50% of last years college graduates are either unemployed or under employed . And 85% of them from the age of 21 to 25 have moved back into their family homes because they just can’t make it on their own .
    In the interest of profit in our free market economy , may I say corporate greed , so much is farmed out by businesses and corporations to other countries where terrible work place situations and low paying jobs make our businesses wealthier at the expense of our and their workers . That most waiters and waitresses can not afford to eat at the restaurants they work at .
    And to top it off , recent studies state that 80% of children raised in poverty will live in poverty in their adult lives . Poverty seems to be a trap that is very difficult to escape .
    On the other hand , there are 35 food banks on Toledo that I know of and nearly all of them are supported by ;religious groups . More and more of the users were recently ” middle class” and have found themselves without shelter , jobs and /or food in our current economy ..And in the world economy ,very many children go to bed nightly starving to death .
    And yet , America is a world leader in charitable giving .
    In this terrible reality of hunger and poverty somehow I feel that the world’s Buddhists , Jews , Christians , Muslims and Baha’is will and are taking up this most challenging issue with more and more effectiveness and join with people of good will and NGOs who claim no faith . . Each of these faiths are essentially oriented towards service and love of mankind .And each faith points to the value of humanity of work that serves mankind .In the end , there is certainly nothing wrong with having money even a lot of it , after all it is the LOVE of money not having it that gets us into trouble . . What is wrong is the huge disparity between the rich and the poor . .
    Boy , this is a complex and deeply troubling problem even after our ” war on poverty ” decades ago . And I fully realize my thoughts and hopes on this issue represent only one perspective of the problem which is to say those who appose ” entitlement programs ” certainly have valid points .

  6. And this isn’t just about Romney (who recently tried to deny he ever said this). We have growing inequality in wealth and income: Americans historically not worried about this. We assume everyone gets on the ladder on the same rung, but some are just better climbers than others. Yet equality and social mobility: Americans have cared greatly about this.

    American Dream is that any one from any where can make it. That rough equality is crumbling. We’re poised for a transformation in the equality of opportunity (not outcome) in our society that will shake our foundations.

    We are facing a quite grave crisis in America. Scholars as disparate as Robert Putnam (liberal dem) and Charles Murray (libertarian) BOTH describe this the same way (while they disagree with the approach and solution to the problem). They might be onto something…. and ironically it’s the same thing Christianity has preached for a long time. “If you want to be great, serve!” Mark 9:33-37.

    How we respond to this will be an interfaith matter as well as a purple solution! Neither red or blue, Christians in solidarity with one another and other faiths. Let’s get to work!

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