Lance Armstrong admitted to doping. No surprise. But did he confess?

Slate’s William Saletan has a critical analysis of how Armstrong’s fell short of an actual examination of conscience, much less penitence.

The Manti Te’o fake dead girlfriend story continues to evoke all sorts of reactions – like the snark from Alabama – as we try to figure what is real, and what it means.

Is this bad for Notre Dame? (Which means bad for Catholics.) Bad for the LDS? (Te’o is a Mormon.) Bad for gullible sports journos? Or bad for all of us, who showed how desperate we are to believe in heroes any heroes. (See above: “Armstrong, Lance”)

Melinda Henneberger wonders why Notre Dame – and the public – are more concerned with a fake dead  woman than a real dead woman.

Need a real sports hero to believe in? Rod Dreher (who also posted the ‘Bama photo) has one.


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