David Yonke, editor of Toledo Faith & Values, and his wife Janet hosted a dinner party for contributing writers for the website on Saturday (Jan. 19), the first group meeting of the website's writers since the the site launched on Aug. 24. After dinner and casual conversation the group met to strategize and discuss ways to improve the features and services offered by ToledoFAVS.com. It was a true multifaith gathering as members of the Catholic, Protestant and Eastern Orthodox Christian traditions, the Baha'i Faith, Wicca, Native American spirituality and Islam were represented. 

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  1. Josie Setzler

    David, our get together modeled just what ToledoFAVS is about. Our conversation helped us get to know each other as persons and made interfaith understanding that much easier. Thanks to you and Janet for your hospitality!

  2. Tiffany McCallen

    It looks as if you had a wonderful evening! Perhaps I’ll have to make a trip out for a future gathering, since I have the luxury of being (relatively) close enough to do so.

  3. Kevin Anderson

    It was a wonderful evening! I second Josie’s thought that the gathering modeled something important related to what Einstein called the “substantially new manner of thinking mankind will need to survive.”

  4. seibertcraig@hotmail.com

    My friend Michele told me all about the gathering…she was galvanized and loved meeting new people of other faiths …perhaps a get together could be arranged for those of us who follow this site ?

  5. Kevin Anderson

    Responding to seibertcraig @hotmail.com: Wouldn’t it be wonderful if somehow a site like this could be a sort of meeting place that could spawn a number of multifaith small groups, so that people of different faiths could gather, get to know each other, and model a oneness energy that our world sorely needs?

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