From RNS headquarters in Washington — where everything is red, white, blue and crowded — we bring you the Religion News Roundup on this Inauguration/MLK Monday. Stayed tuned to RNS for our take on the inaugural prayers – text and subtext.

Obama began the day, per presidential tradition stretching back to FDR, with a service at St. John’s Episcopal Church, a short walk from the White House across Lafayette Park.

On Sunday, the Constitutionally-mandated actual swearing in day, the Obama family attended services at Washington’s Metropolitan AME Church, where the sermon was about trusting in God.

Rachel Zoll says religious tensions are casting a shadow over the inaugural festivities.

And tomorrow, it’s the National Prayer Service at Washington National Cathedral, led by Methodist preacher Adam Hamilton, who, as our own Dan Burke informs us, started his church in a funeral home.


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  1. ” religious tensions are casting a shadow over the inaugural festivities”

    Only in the United States, among the highly-developed nations of the world, would a headline like this appear. Not even the inauguration escapes the fetid pall of religion in this nation. Pathetic.

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