Tuesday’s Religion News Roundup: Archbishop’s Apology * Mickey D’s Gaffe * Stolen Torah

Are you hung over from an inaugural ball? Neither is David Gibson, who writes a clear headed account of Monday’s inauguration, in his words, “the grandest ritual of America’s civil religion.”

Stephen Prothero gives NPR his take on inaugural religiosity.

Today, United Methodist Rev. Adam Hamilton preaches at the National Prayer Service at the Washington National Cathedral, and Adelle Banks is there to tell us about it. Read her story here later today.

One of the most immediate and thorniest legal questions facing the Obama administration involves religious liberty and the Affordable Care Act, writes the Washington Post’s Robert Barnes.

Retired Los Angeles Cardinal Roger M. Mahony apologized Monday after public documents — which the archdiocese fought for years to keep secret — showed that he and other church officials sought to hide the the sexual molestation of children from law enforcement.




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