Thursday Religion News Roundup: Prayer Breakfast * Muslim Antichrist * Pope App

Today is the National Prayer Breakfast; President Obama and Vice President Biden are attending. 

In case you missed it, the Boy Scouts of America postponed any change in policy about gay membership while religious groups that comprise the majority of the Scouts’ chartered organizations duke it out.


David Mason, a professor at Rhodes College, says the BSA’s delay has less to do with the ethical matter of abandoning an outdated policy than with the legitimate fear that the organization will come apart at the seams.

To Protestant Reformers, it was the papacy. For American colonists, it was King George III. Cold War Christians suspected the Soviet Union. Now, as Daniel Burke shows, a growing group of American evangelicals say the Antichrist will be Muslim.

Some conservative Christians may want to read Eric Seibert’s recent blogs, in which the Messiah College Old Testament prof says Christians have a moral duty to critique Scripture and condemn what’s immoral.


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