Friday’s Religion News Roundup: Topless jihad * Catholic extremism * Ridiculous televangelists

Pope Francis met this morning with the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (the Vatican’s doctrine HQ) and wants to continue a hard line on abusive priests. No mention of continued crackdowns on nuns or rogue theologians.

Remember that case of a college professor in Florida who had students stomp on a piece of paper with “Jesus” written on it? She’s been put on leave, but only to protect her safety, Florida Atlantic University says.

Students at Liberty University will be able to pack heat in the classrooms under new rules adopted by Jerry Fallwell’s school.

Worth watching: HBO airs a documentary on Monday (Holocaust Remembrance Day) about the Jewish couple from Philadelphia who set out to rescue 50 children from Nazi-occupied Austria.

From the Dept. of Well That Was Short, a North Carolina bill that would allow the state to ignore the constitutional ban on an established religion won’t see the light of day.


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