Fifty-Minister Wedding * Vatican at Baltimore * Death Row Donor : Tuesday’s Religion News Roundup

Disobedience: Not one, but 50 clergy — most of them ordained in the United Methodist Church — preside over the marriage of two men, which is disallowed under church law. A wedding under the palm trees will soon be possible for gay Americans, as Hawaii’s Senate is expected to pass a gay marriage bill today, the last legislative step before the governor signs a bill. [caption id="attachment_16131" align="alignleft" width="240"]thumbgeorge-240x240 The first Lord Baltimore, who was Catholic, as are the American bishops meeting in Baltimore this week. (Image source)[/caption] Vatican ambassador to U.S. bishops: Francis’ priorities should be your priorities. David Gibson reports that the message, ease up on the ideology guys, will play well with at least some. Cardinal Dolan, who heads up the U.S. bishops conference, seemed to strike a similar tone, imploring his club to focus attention on violations of liberty abroad.
Dolan instead asked the bishops to “broaden our horizon” and recognize that their own domestic concerns “pale in comparison” to the suffering of Christians in the Middle East and elsewhere “who are experiencing lethal persecution on a scale that defies belief.”
At the same time, a Reuter’s report has Dolan striking a defensive note on the bishops' treatment of the poor. Gibson is your eyes and ears at the bishops conference in Baltimore this week. #USCCB13  He asks a non-conference-related question this morning.   Another reason to listen to Francis: Church attendance in Italy has risen molto, Eric Lyman reports. (Not to mention that “Francesco” is suddenly the #1 name for newborn Italian boys.) The  Vatican will display the bones of St. Peter for the very first time, to mark the end of the Year of Faith. Read the rest by clicking here.
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