Admittedly, this not a religious event, but there will be elements of faith and values involved when the University of Michigan and the Ohio State University face off on the football field this Saturday (Nov. 30).

OSU_MICH_horizontal2While Michigan has won more games in the historic rivalry, 58-44-6, Ohio State has won 10 of the last 12. And the Wolverines are 7-4 this season while the Buckeyes roll into Ann Arbor with an undefeated, 11-0 record this and a 23-game winning streak. 

When kickoff time comes at noon, will you be rooting (praying?) for the underdog Michigan Wolverines or the favored Ohio State Buckeyes?


  1. Frank Tremblay

    I believe Ohio State will once again beat that team up north. Not because of the records, but better preparation and game plan by Ohio State will give the Buckeyes a 12-0 record and a chance at playing in the national championship game. GO BUCKS!!!!

  2. Michele Joseph

    Michele Joseph
    I know zip about football, but, given all the hype about the weather,
    “THE STORM OF THE CENTURY” & the hype about football, I thought
    I’d Google it to see if the crazy guys still do their football thing in bad
    weather. This link I’m including documents that, apparently, they do.
    A prayer for them : GOD HELP THEM ALL.

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