VIDEO: The impact of Toledo Faith & Values

We asked three people to share their thoughts about the impact Toledo Faith & Values has had on their lives since our nonprofit, nonsectarian news site launched on Aug. 24, 2012.

ToledoFAVS logoPastor Bill Herzog of Vineyard Church in Perrysburg and Michele Joseph, a member of the Baha’i Faith, are both contributing writers to ToledoFAVS, while Denis Eble is a regular reader and often posts comments on FAVS articles.

Take a few minutes to enjoy the video and see what a difference ToledoFAVS is making on the local community. We’d love to see your comments as well!

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3 Responses to “VIDEO: The impact of Toledo Faith & Values”

  1. Zappa912

    It is great to have a website where issues of religion and morality can be discussed in a respectful manner, for the most part. There are always a few renegades that still feel the need to dump on those with whom they disagree, in a nasty manner. I have been impressed with the broad variety of articles and the freedom of religion, or no religion, that is expressed. Keep up the good work David and best wishes for continued success.

  2. Bob Moyers

    You have created a place where people can share their opinions with freedom. It also is a place where we can “give advice without being asked” instead of “giving advice only when asked. It provides a place where we can be like Jesus to others and see the likeness of Jesus in others IF WE WANT TO DO THAT. And God probably said: It is very good. Love to all.

  3. jules of Holy Toledo

    so great it is to finally “meet” some of the folks at Toledo FAV’s…..
    “a hats off” to David Yonke for making this happen.
    Toledo FAVS and my morning coffee have become constants in my life!

    Happy New Year Toledo FAVS….may you have an even greater 2014.

    …………………observer Jules……………

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