POLL: Are you giving something up for Lent?

LentThe season of Lent, a six-week period in which Christians prepare to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection, begins Wednesday (March 5) with Ash Wednesday. Many Christians around the world give something up as a form of penitence, denying pleasures or luxuries that can lead to complacency.

Tell us if you’ll be giving something up for Lent this year — and feel free to add a comment on why or why not, and, if you are, what will you be giving up?


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6 Responses to “POLL: Are you giving something up for Lent?”

  1. Patrick O'Gara

    “Every year at Lent, I give up NEGATIVE WORDS COMING OUT OF MY MOUTH. I try to use only positive words…”

    Great idea, Bob – never say “No” to anything during Lent – rude girls, “recreational” drugs, more rude girls, six more gin and tonics, crack cocaine, yet more rude girls.

    I am resolved to follow your example.

  2. jules of Holy Toledo

    Then there was the rotund Catholic lady who said:
    ” I’ll give up food for the 40 days of Lent and become a devout Anorexic”
    ………..Boo Stinko…what an awful thing to submit Jules!

    Fasting and Abstinence comes to us as a perfecting and cleansing excercise…
    been handed down for ages…Judaism gives us Seven Days in the Jewish year with an additional seven sprinkled about…Catholics latched onto it and came up with some very special days of their own, namely Ash Wednesday, Good Friday and All the days of Lent
    Then we have the Muslims and their brethren the Baha’is….who give up food and drink…
    Islam keeps 29 to 30 days of ramadan plus additional days through out the year and some devout Muslims further honour the Prophet Mohammed by observing Mondays and Thursdays, as He did.
    Baha’is do the 19 day fast (sunrise to sunset) at this time of year honouring the Month of Ala (loftiness)
    All of these hardships, seemingly offered for the greater glory of God!

    While studying the Quran, during Ramadan, I asked my Imam ” Why do you call it a Fast, when it goes so low?”
    I don’t go to that Mosque, any more!

    …observer Jules….

  3. Bob Moyers

    Every year at Lent, I give up NEGATIVE WORDS COMING OUTOF MY MOUTH. I try to use only positive words, give compliments, ask good questions, and give good answers when I am asked good questions. This is called a WORD FAST. Love to all.

  4. Denis Eble

    As a kid I’d give up chocolate as opposed to candy so as not to be too penitent. But why? What did I learn from that? In fact, why do people do this at this time of the year?

    If anything, maybe I might be more conscious of DOING something for this time period. Let me think; back in a bit.

  5. Patrick O'Gara

    Well, I’m considering giving up being viciously and brutally unkind to religious believers for 40 days, Jules.
    That is to say – I’m considering giving up telling them the truth, as I see it.
    But I’m very weak-willed. And soft.
    And will shortly compound.
    …When Nick writes something new, no doubt.

  6. jules of Holy Toledo

    Probably giving up “Religion” in favour of “Faith” ….and there is a difference!

    LOL …. observer Jules in Holy Toledo

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