A meditation: Noble dawn




* * *

In a new series of brief meditations, Toledo author and psychotherapist Kevin Anderson finds extraordinary wisdom hidden in the ordinary happenings of “Noble Nature” — in rocks and trees, shooting stars and seashores, blizzards and bees, and in a wide assortment of other natural amazements.

With a unique combination of of reverence for the natural world, insight into the human condition, childlike awe, and a facility for metaphor-making and wordplay, Anderson explores nature’s latent wisdom. Spending time with these meditations leaves a lingering attunement to what nature can teach us about how to be in this world.

Contact Anderson via email at kevineanderson7@gmail.com or visit his website, thewingedlife.com, for more information.

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One Response to “A meditation: Noble dawn”

  1. Michele Joseph

    Hi Kevin !
    This is my favorite so far !
    I really like the way you positioned the word “light” so
    it looks like a sunrise !
    Very pretty poem !

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