A meditation: Noble shooting star



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In a new series of brief meditations, Toledo author and psychotherapist Kevin Anderson finds extraordinary wisdom hidden in the ordinary happenings of “Noble Nature” — in rocks and trees, shooting stars and seashores, blizzards and bees, and in a wide assortment of other natural amazements.

With a unique combination of of reverence for the natural world, insight into the human condition, childlike awe, and a facility for metaphor-making and wordplay, Anderson explores nature’s latent wisdom. Spending time with these meditations leaves a lingering attunement to what nature can teach us about how to be in this world.

Contact Anderson via email at kevineanderson7@gmail.com or visit his website, thewingedlife.com, for more information.


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2 Responses to “A meditation: Noble shooting star”

  1. Michele Joseph

    I love this and the way it looks on the page.
    It talks about presence & makes me feel present at the same time.

  2. Denis Eble

    ‘Teach me how to be in this world.’ Yes indeed. While celestial ‘wonders’ such as meteorites and eclipses are wonderful, magical phenomenons, we do live, breathe and interact with other humans here on earth’s soil.

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