Turkish official: Women shouldn’t laugh in public

(RNS) Many Turkish women were doubled over with laughter Tuesday (July 29) after their country’s deputy leader said in a speech assailing “moral corruption” that women should not laugh in public and should not talk on their mobile phones so much.

Toledo area Muslims celebrate Eid Al-Fitr 2014

About a thousand members from the Muslim community attended Eid al-Fitr celebrations hosted by the Toledo Muslim Community Center (TMCC). Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of Ramadan, was celebrated by Muslims all over the world on Monday (July 28).

SNAP marks 25th anniversary, eyes expansion of outreach

(RNS) The leading advocacy group for people who have suffered clergy sexual abuse is wrestling with how to respond to a flood of inquiries from victims from other faiths and institutions, and how to push for changes beyond the familiar precincts of the Catholic Church.

BLOG: Help choose Nick’s next topic

Given the apparent lack of enthusiasm about the topics I’ve written about in recent blogs and comments, I’ve decided to run a poll. The topic that gets the most attention will be my next blog post.

A meditation: Noble bass

In a series of brief meditations, Toledo author and psychotherapist Kevin Anderson finds extraordinary wisdom hidden in the ordinary happenings of “Noble Nature” — in rocks and trees, shooting stars and seashores, blizzards and bees, and in a wide assortment of other natural amazements.

BLOG: Be the best ‘you’ you can be

There are two things I love — one is music, and the other is helping somebody chase after a dream. So when young musicians in our church asked if they could play while I worked, I figured why not be a good janitor and let them practice?