Gratitude: A focus on Divine connection

Gratitude is a conscious step out of feeling the energy of lack or a focus on what we don’t have. To pray is always a focus on what is missing in your life. The only prayer that is needed is, “Thank You”!

After evangelical virgin guys marry, then what?

(RNS) A University of Washington researcher has found that young evangelical Christian men who took a virginity pledge and had male friends who held them accountable before marriage are suddenly adrift and unable to talk to trusted friends — and sometimes even their new wives — about sex.

Divine healing: No middle ground

The biblical accounts of Jesus healing a man’s deformed arm show how the Pharisees were enraged that the healing occurred on the Sabbath. Their legalistic beliefs and self-righteous attitudes led them to accuse Jesus and begin to conspire against him.

Aug. 18: FAVS raves, notes & quotes

Autumn Miles looks every bit the confident, successful CEO of a women’s ministry. Tall and poised, with long blonde hair and captivating smile, Miles stopped in Toledo last week to talk about how God helped her start life anew after an abusive relationship.