Museum is a source of Jewish pride

In addition to Ohio’s Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage, I have found another wonderful source of information about the contributions of American Jews, with emphasis on their role in the creation of this great country.

Jewish folk medley captures a smidge of Yiddish culture

In the 1980s, a resurgence in the popularity of world and ethnic music followed Paul Simon's landmark “Graceland” album, which was infused with the sounds and rhythms of South Africa. The new popularity of world music heightened global interest in Jewish folk songs and Yiddish culture. 

Remembering my two Dads on this Father’s Day weekend

On this Father's Day weekend, I am remembering with great love my two Dads who, despite great differences, especially in their religious upbringings, were strikingly similar in many ways. Each taught me such things as integrity, honesty, devotion, hard work — and how to have a good time.